MARIA IN MASCOTA: La fiesta del Virgen de Guadalupe: 8 masses, mariachis, bandas, 4 hours of music, bellringing, rockets shot from the roof of the church, fireworks…

Published December 14, 2014 by goyodelarosa

Julio Cabrera El Santuario de la Yerbabuena



Maria Teresa Cabrera (nee Hartnell) to her brother Gregory (‘Goyo’):


indeed, today es la fiesta del Virgen de Guadalupe!

things started this morning, at 5,30 am, with bellringing by the crazy nephews of padre vidal!

this was followed by at least 100 cuetes(a type of flare rocket, which makes a lot of noise and echo amongst the mountains) which are fired from the roof of the church!
this firing of the rockets, is done by one sole guy, who has the nickname of, chabeco, who is probably the most famous drunk in the village!!!
I just call him, the rocket man!!!!

mass then started at 6am, with padre vidal, accompanied outside the doors of the church, by mariachi first and then banda and the music went on for four hours!!!

apart from that, tons of bellringing and rockets in mascota, with probably 8 masses throughout the day!!

as well, groups and groups of pilgrims, with torches coming from the shrine of talpa , passing through mascota, on their way to Puerto Vallarta, to the basilica!
the majority of the people are walking or biking and it takes up to 8 to 10 hours!!!

anyway, big day en mexico!

tomorrow is the feast day of santa lucia, patrona of the blind!
this is also highly celebrated in mexico!


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