‘Obvious geo-engineering is evident in the skies of the Capital Regional District’ reports Gregory Hartnell in Dec. 31, 2015 letter to the Editor of the Victoria News, published Jan. 8, 2016

Published January 9, 2016 by goyodelarosa

Gregory Hartnell <gregorypaulmichael@gmail.com>
12/31/15 (8 days ago)

To Victoria News editor

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, historian
1357 Rockland Avenue
Victoria, V8S 1V7
British Columbia, Canada
Tel. 250 382 97 67

Victoria News Readers respond:
Re: Tackling the problem of man-made pollution, Friday, Jan. 1, 2016

I agree with letter writer Patrick Hunt that we are wasting ‘trillions of dollars…trying to reduce man-made CO2’.

Besides, the false hypothesis that this CO2 has somehow driven average global surface temperature up has been effectively debunked by Canadian writers such as Victoria climatologist Dr. Tim Ball, Donna Laframboise, and many others.

There has been no warming since 1998, despite what the Greens Dr. Andrew Weaver, Elizabeth May and other anti-human eugenicist globalists such as the UN’s IPCC, ENGOs and grandstanding politicians erroneously insist.

However, even though what used to be called ‘global warming’ (now renamed ‘climate change’) is now seen by many to be nothing more than a massive hysterical error of epic proportions, that is not to say that there is nothing to be concerned about in terms of atmospheric pollution.

Obvious geo-engineering is evident in the skies of the Capital Regional District, and some human agents are responsible for it.

I suspect that the US Navy, based on Whidby Island, may be involved with off-shore aircraft carriers and a fleet of new Growler jets.

Persistent contrails (sometimes popularly called by the US Air Force ‘chemtrails’) spray us almost daily with nano particulates comprised of aluminium, barium, strontium and other toxic heavy metals.

This noxious aerosol spraying persists and expands to fill the whole sky, making the skies darker with ‘global dimming’, depressing humans, and killing our trees.

If you have noticed the peculiar number of metallic cinnnamon-coloured leaves still clinging to some trees this winter, those trees are evidently dying from the toxic spraying.

I am not a scientist, but a native Victorian artist-historian old enough to remember better weather and less weird cloud formations.

Neither am I too proud to plead with the editors of the Black Press newspapers to dig deep and do the requisite research to expose this huge problem, which has too long been ignored by the mainstream media.

In doing so, ‘we could make a profound improvement in the ives of everyone here on Earth,’ as Mr. Hunt suggests.
Gregory Hartnell


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