Published January 24, 2016 by goyodelarosa

We woke up to witness a big ugly streak of spray over the Sooke Hills from our Rockland escarpment vista in a residential neighbourhood in Victoria, facing west.

‘Did you see that?’ I asked my wife Dawn.

She usually is seemingly reluctant to talk about the obvious geo-engineering, but this dark morning, with a bright full moon shining above it, this sinful stratospheric streak was very hard to ignore.

‘That is one of the biggest ones I have ever seen,’ Dawn admitted.

And, of course, there was evidence of others which had been sprayed earlier in the night sky, offshore in the northeast Pacific ocean off of Vancouver Island, in the form of wider, expanding aerosol, looking like octopus appendages that grow to become weird pale white puffballs, truly demonic shapes, from the Military Industrial Complex of the evil New World Order.

I regret not being stronger in my reaction to this.

I regret not having a camera handy to document it.

I regret that I live in my own hometown, where most people are either unobservant, ignorant, terrified or completely indifferent to these anti-human attacks.

How can this sick spraying continue to be an apparent ‘non-issue’ when there are millions of people who follow the false ‘CO2 forces the average global ground temperature warming’ meme?

Invisible non-existent ‘global warming’, but ‘chemtrails’ don’t exist?

Shake your sleepy heads in shame, my friends, then look up (for the first time, perhaps?) more often, and get in the habit of realizing that our natural reaction to this has to be approached as an urgent pro-life issue if ever there was one.

When ugly unnatural shapes appear in the sky on a regular basis, since when do intelligent human beings ignore the evidence of criminal malevolence?

I can only conclude that a big part of this toxic spraying of aluminium, barium and strontium actually dumbs us down, weakening our powers of reasoning and resolve, fooling us into thinking that this is all somehow normal.

There is nothing normal about our current modified weather, folks… nothing at all.

Don’t believe any politicians, lamestream media whores or sold-out ‘scientists’ who tell you otherwise.

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