GREGORY HARTNELL ON NEW WORLD ORDER JUDGE-MADE LAWS: ‘I speak as a person with a prolonged mental health disability, having suffered from depression for decades,’ letter to Victoria News Editor Pamela Roth, published March 11, 2016

Published March 9, 2016 by goyodelarosa

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, pro-life historian
1357 Rockland Avenue
Victoria, V8S 1V7
Tel.: 250 382 97 67

Letters to the Editor
Victoria News

Re: ‘Bowing to the power of judges,’ Victoria News, March 2

Although I support the ultimate legalization of all currently outlawed drugs (not just marijuana), I certainly do not support so-called ‘assisted death’ (euthanasia), nor do I recognize the authority of any activist judges to change or dictate legislation to bring these things about.

Meekly going along with ‘this brave new world,’ as B.C. Views columnist Tom Fletcher puts it: ‘B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake expressed the hope that Canada ends up with a consistent policy on doctor-assisted suicide, rather than a provincial patchwork.’

Why would Minister Lake bother himself with what goes on in other provinces? After all, the provision of health care in this country is a provincial responsibility of those elected by the people of the province.

By going along with this globalist eugenicist regime being imposed by non-elected Supreme Court judges, Mr. Lake is abrogating his responsibilites to the people of this province.

Rather than surrendering to ‘those in ermine-trimmed red robes at the Supreme Court of Canada,’ (as Mr. Fletcher puts it) Mr. Lake should dissent from the growing tyranny of the so-called ‘fit’ and stand up for those most vulnerable to the predations of the court; the depressed and the demented.

Furthermore, following the example of Prince Edward Island, Mr. Lake should also dissent from presiding over the great lie of abortion on demand, which is certainly not a necessary medical procedure at all and should be rescinded.

I speak as a person with a prolonged mental health disability, having suffered from depression for decades. Nevertheless, should my condition deteriorate into dementia, I certainly don’t want anyone ‘assisting’ me in hastening my death, but rather I expect and have a human right to proper palliation.

No red-robed Supreme Court judge has the right to write into the Charter imaginary ‘rights’ that are really not found there, nor does any needle-weilding purveyor of the New World Order in a white lab coat have any right to dispatch me because someone thinks I might be a ‘useless eater.’

Gregory Hartnell


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