Published April 24, 2016 by goyodelarosa

Lianne Lawrence,

NDP MP Murray Rankin, Victoria, slammed Bill C-14 for not going far enough.

A member of the special parliamentary committee, Rankin said the bill was more restrictive than the Supreme Court intended and constitutional experts have told him it will not withstand a Charter challenge.

He asked Wilson-Raybould if she would consider sending the bill to the Court for approval, but the justice minister said to do so would be “premature” and that the Liberals were “confident” the bill conformed to the Carter decision.

Rankin also faulted the Liberals for not opening up euthanasia to mature minors or for mental or psychological suffering alone, and for nixing advance directives, all contrary to the committee’s recommendations.

Wilson-Raybould [said] that the Liberals will study these “three key issues Carter did not address” and review the legislation in five years.

“Medical assistance in dying poses a real risk,” she said. “We don’t want death as a solution to all suffering.”

As the House of Commons is adjourned next week, debate on Bill C-14 will resume May 2.


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