SALSA CALIENTE DANCERS WILL LOVE Julio Cabrera & SabroSon’s Tropical Latin Jazz, Friday, May 27, 9:00 tonight at Tally Ho, Vic.

Published May 27, 2016 by goyodelarosa Caliente shared Tally-Ho Sports Bar & Grill’s event.
3 hrs ·

Come and see Salsa Caliente on stage with this great band.
Bring your dancing shoes!

MAY 27
Julio Cabrera & SabroSon
Today 9 PM · Victoria, BC


Tropical Latin Jazz!

FRIDAY, May 27th
Tickets are $15
Available at Tally Ho Sports Bar and Lyles Place

Julio Cabrera & SabroSon is a cool tropical breeze flavor with a perfect amount of spice delivering sounds that will shake up the atmosphere.

Their music will make you want to dance and show the world what your mama gave ya.

Julio Cabrera & SabroSon’s Tropical Latin Jazz is best heard live for the most authentic tropical latin jazz experience.
Salsa Caliente
May 12 at 11:47am · Victoria, BC ·
Salsa Caliente will be dancing on stage with the band and we have advanced discount tickets on sale. Ask our dancers or call 250-881-6141. Dancing to a live band!!!! What more could you want?


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