Yet another unpublished letter from Gregory Hartnell to Times Colonist Editor on City of Victoria’s ‘missing green targets’, sent Aug. 18, 2016

Published August 31, 2016 by goyodelarosa

Letters to the Editor
Times Colonist

Re: “Victoria at risk of missing green targets, report says,” Aug. 17; “Victoria’s policies at odds with green targets,” letter, Aug. 18.

Alarmed Victoria Mayor Lisa ‘Helps said she is “hellbent and determined” to meet the 2020 targets.’ Apparently the City of Victoria ‘set a goal six years ago to cut emissions to 33 per cent below 2007 levels.’ Who knew and who really cares?

Erik Kaye, a Victoria letter writer, deplores the fact that ‘the city’s parking and parkade policies make it cheap and easy for residents and visitors to drive downtown, rather than use more sustainable modes of transportation.’

Instead of fretting about so-called ‘sustainability,’ may I respectfully congratulate the Mayor and Victoria City Council on failing to meet their meaningless ‘targets’?

May I also suggest that if the BC NDP are serious about getting elected in coming municipal and provincial elections, that they call for a cessation of the obvious stratospheric geo-engineering of Canada’s skies, and also jump start a new campaign, as they once did, against carbon taxes?

This toxic heavy metal aerosol spraying is the more likely cause of so-called ‘climate change,’ and not the discredited CO2 temperature rising causation theory.

Gregory Hartnell


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