30,000,000 gallons of raw sewage poured into Puget Sound (so far) from Seattle Washington’s malfunctioning West Point treatment plant

Published March 27, 2017 by goyodelarosa




The ongoing failure of the Seattle sewage treatment system is embarrassing to King County, Seattle, Washington and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  officials who have persistently criticized the Victoria, Capital Regional District (CRD), British Columbia and Canadian governments for many years for using the Strait of Juan de Fuca as a de facto natural sewage treatment system.

American globalist environmentalist fanatics, pushing UN Agenda 21 stimulus projects, have infected the thinking of irresponsible non-accountable politicians in three levels of government in Victoria and in the Canadian federal government in Ottawa, Ontario, disregarding the professional testimony of a baker’s dozen reputable scientists and other concerned citizens including the former federal Liberal Environment Minister David Anderson, all of whom object to it, thus placing their professional reputations at risk.

These respectable naysayers have pointed out that the CRD has done an embarrassing flip flop on the supposed need for a new Victoria sewage treatment plant, which it used to dismiss as unscientific.

For decades the CRD argued in the same manner as these scientists do now, until the Liberal provincial government’s mandate to start construction on the unneeded Victoria treatment system came down, all based on highly questionable junk science, and thus making the project seem inevitable. Costs are already showing up on our residential property tax bills, aggravating the cost of living inflation in the CRD.

Federal government stimulus funding, promised some years ago by the Conservatives and reprised by the Liberals, with added provincial funding and a mandate to force the construction work to be done in Victoria near the Inner Harbour, has mesmerized Victoria City Council, the CRD and the province itself, heading into a provincial election.

I am not aware of any organized political resistance to the Victoria project, however, as the Opposition NDP and the Green leader Weaver disgracefully support the Liberals in Victoria and Ottawa wasting this money.

The Association for Responsible and Environmentally Sustainable Sewage Treatment (ARESST), the group of concerned scientists mentioned above, should have legal standing to argue in any court (http://aresst.ca).

If ARESST does not hurry up and launch a lawsuit to try to stop this construction as not ecologically, fiscally or scientifically justified, and therefor not in the public interest, I fear that this unnecessary Victoria sewage treatment plant will indeed be built, even though it is a gross waste of money that could very well be spent on more humane issues, such as a proper addictions treatment centre for Victoria’s many untreated addicts.

A reduction in residential property tax would help stimulate the local economy also, of course, otherwise the planning and construction costs of the new plant will be sure to go up, and the schedule will be pushed back, as is typical of such private public partnerships.

‘Treatment’, you say? How about real abstinence-based treatment for the thousands of addicts in Victoria, which would cost a lot less, rather than eugenics-based so-called ‘harm reduction’ which keeps them stuck and dependent?

Let’s help our brothers and sisters to recover from heavy addictions, rather than wasting more than $765,000,000 (exact figure pending) on something that is not broken, unlike the Seattle system, which is an international embarrassment for the City of Seattle, King County and the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

Victoria residential property taxpayer





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