Published May 10, 2017 by goyodelarosa

Three Green seats shouldn’t be able to dictate to the other 85 in the BC Leg.

At the end of the long night, Andrew Weaver went home and most of the BC Greens lost, coming in distant third.

Greens shouldn’t be able to hold the whole province to ransom (the fabled ‘balance of power’) with just three seats won.

Nor should we have to wait for weeks to get the final figures of yesterday’s historic vote.

Green tyranny is no way to prop up any sort of real government, so Liberals, beware of sleeping with Green mutts with Globalist tics (Lyme disease)!

So Liberals should understand who to negotiate with, and it ain’t these nutty 0% emissions Greens or trendy old eugenicist orange CCFers.

Cancel the tax and call another election instead !

But Greens aren’t the only leftists infected with Globalism.

The current Liberal ‘carbon tax’ is now owned by Green-Orangemen also, whether many in these parties like it or not.

The Campbellites brought it in to embarrass the left, the old carpet pulling routine, giving Liberals bragging rights at Bilderberger meetings.

Many BC Liberals surely don’t like it, however, the remnant of the patriotic resistance, so to speak.

And even in the NDP, there are many who see it for what it surely is: an effective cancelation device designed by Liberals to kill any Green-NDP coalition talk.

The NDP under Carole James was once against the Campbell carbon tax, lest we forget.

They then flipped on the tax, apparently without much of an in house debate, and then ganged up against Carole, stabbed Carole in the back (so to speak), demoting her from Party Leader.

She got re-elected comfortably last night in Victoria Beacon Hill and we haven’t seen the end of her yet…

Liberals should now junk the useless hated carbon tax, based on best latest scientific arguments of Dr. Tim Ball, Clifford Carnicom, Judith Curry,  Christopher Moncton, et al  and cut property taxes to stimulate the economy, as per the best economic evidence of the Austrian School.

A truly patriotic sovereign government in any jurisdiction would rescind Bilderberg Globalist Campbell’s carbon tax, stop pandering to these jobs killing Green-Orange Globalists, their fanatical planet-worshipping cosmopolitanism and creepy eugenicist de-industrailization anti-family fetishes (abortion, contraception, euthanasia, sterilization, so-called ‘family planning’).



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