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Published March 19, 2017 by goyodelarosa


EARTH PROFILE OF A PLANET: Bob McDonald, Quirks’ host, CBC News, St. Joseph The Worker Parish, SUNDAY, NOV. 23, 2014, 7:30 – 9:00 PM +++ (Photos of Catholic Church buildings, 753 Burnside, W., Saanich, + Globalist poster)

Published November 24, 2014 by goyodelarosa

St. Joseph The Worker Parish

St. Joseph The Worker Parish

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Tue-Friday: 9am to 3:30pm
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November 13, 2014

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Here are some of the upcoming events in our parish and around the Diocese!


EARTH PROFILE OF A PLANET: CBC News’ Quirks’ host Bob McDonald preaches Gaian Eugenicist Globalism on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2014, at Saint Joseph the Worker Roman Catholic Parish church, 753 Burnside Road West, Saanich, Vancouver Island

Published November 19, 2014 by goyodelarosa


WARMIST HYSTERIC TO PREACH TO GAIANS IN SAINT JOSEPH THE WORKER CHURCH: CBC News’ Quirks + Quarks’ Bob McDonald advertises in Saint Andrew’s Cathedral narthex, spreading anti-human eugenicist UN Agenda 21 propaganda

Published November 19, 2014 by goyodelarosa

Urgent IPCC climate change warning demands action: Bob McDonald

IPCC report is that doing nothing will cost much more than taking action now

By Bob McDonald, CBC News Posted: Nov 07, 2014 9:31 AM ET Last Updated: Nov 07, 2014 9:31 AM ET

The latest report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a synthesis of the last four reports - intended to act as a summary of where we are - leading up to the next big UN climate summit in Paris next year.

The latest report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a synthesis of the last four reports – intended to act as a summary of where we are – leading up to the next big UN climate summit in Paris next year.


IPCC climate change report2:11

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The latest report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the loudest shout to come from the scientific community about the urgency to do something about global warming. Yet less than a week later, it’s barely talked about.

The 116-page report is a synthesis of the last four reports – intended to act as a summary of where we are – leading up to the next big UN climate summit in Paris next year. Normally, the wording of these reports has been somewhat cautionary, using phrases such as, “very likely,” or “strong evidence,” when referring to changes taking place in the Earth’s atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Not this time.

The message from the scientists is now clear. Fossil fuels must be gone by 2100 or we will pass a tipping point into a future calamity.

While this message from scientists has been growing more urgent since the first report in 1990,  the response from politicians has been slow. Global carbon emissions continue to rise, along with rising temperatures in the air and the oceans.

EU UN Climate Panel

The message from the scientists is now clear. Fossil fuels must be gone by 2100 or we will pass a tipping point into a future calamity. (Martin Meissner/Associated Press)

The situation is similar to one any parent knows; the more you yell and scream at a misbehaving child, the less effective you are – especially over the long term, when the child becomes “mommy deaf.”

Of course, the reason governments are slow to react to the warning about climate change is because of the perception that adapting our technology away from fossil fuels would break the economy.

This is especially true in Canada, where the expanding fossil fuel industry is a cornerstone of our economy. While this report points to sensible ways to avoid that economic collapse, the politicians are still acting deaf.

I saw a parallel situation from the past recently while watching my favourite classic science fiction movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still, released in 1951. In the movie, an alien spaceship lands in Washington DC. The pilot, a humanoid named Klatu, along with his tank-destroying robot Gort, arrive with a message for humanity from the other planets in the galaxy. It seems our neighbours in space were uncomfortable with our development of nuclear weapons (the movie made its debut not long after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki). “Aggression will not be tolerated,” Klatu declares.

He first asked to deliver this message to representatives from all the world’s governments, but was told that it would be impossible to gather them all together in one place. There was simply too much conflict in the world. So he went to a scientist, who happened to bear a strong resemblance to Einstein, and asked if he could gather colleagues from around the planet so the message could be delivered to the thinkers of the world.

The answer he got was, “Yes, but people don’t listen to us scientists very much.”


Several cities in China are on the list of places around the world that scientists predict will experience increasing extremes in weather as a result of global warming. (AP)

Even in the 1950s, when many scientists, including Einstein, were warning that nuclear weapons were dangerous territory, the proliferation of those weapons still reached insane levels on both sides of the Atlantic. Thankfully, annihilation of humanity hasn’t happened, common sense has prevailed, and nuclear disarmament is now a reality. It hasn’t completely gone away, but the threat of  nuclear war is far less than it was during the Cold War.

So, what will appeal to our common sense and drive us to do something about climate change?

Unless a UFO lands on Parliament Hill, the strongest warning is coming from nature; more droughts in some parts of the world, more extreme weather events in others, island countries consumed by rising sea levels, water shortages … the list is growing.

The most important part of the message from this IPCC report is that doing nothing will cost much more than taking action now. That’s an economic argument.

Let common sense prevail.


CHEMTRAILS OVER THE ‘GARDEN CITY’…How to wake up Helps, Loveday + Lucas? … Post Vic. 2014 election Sun. morn. musings to Troy Lessard by ‘Goyo de la Rosa’ (G.P.M. Hartnell), Editor of ‘Sunny Blue Gardeners’ @ LA ROSA

Published November 17, 2014 by goyodelarosa


Early morning semi-automatic writing by ‘Goyo de la Rosa’, nom d’artiste of Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor, LA ROSA + Sunny Blue Gardeners to anti-chemtrails photographer-researcher Troy Lessard

  • Last night, a new ad-hoc coalition of a dedicated militant minority of eligible voters in Victoria elected a new Globalist Mayor of green-orange-red-purple-blue orientation, so it will be interesting to see whether either Lisa Helps, or either one of the two newly elected Victoria City Councillors, Jeremy Loveday or Margaret Lucas takes up the shamefully stalled investigation into this New World Order eugenicist military industrial complex depopulation pogrom of deadly chemtrails geo-engineering, effectively toxic spraying over Victoria and the CRD, as Councillor Isitt has clearly dropped it (or rather, never really picked it up, despite the sporadic efforts of a number of Concerned Citizens, and members of The Losers Club, such as myself and Ron Lund (‘Ron Lion’).
    Each person has their individual and unique talents, according to the Creator’s inscrutable design, and so each Councillor should focus on stewarding those talents and gifts, in service to all the people.
    Ben Isitt got the most votes of any person in this election, I believe, so he is obviously popular to that sub-culture.
    He is an historian, so his strength lies in preservation of architecture, monuments and parks in Victoria.
    Margaret Lucas looks like a no-nonsense business woman, so she should be the Comptroller of the Budget, superior to the City Manager or any other bureaucrat, and she should stop the Keynsian reckless attitude of high taxation, spending, borrowing, and inflationary mega projects like the unneeded sewage treatment (which has UN Agenda 21 written all over it), and Mrs. Lucas should rather order the four annual budgets in the next term according to Austrian economic principles, if the City of Victoria is to avoid the shame of bankruptcy.
    Loveday is an artist, so he can challenge his fellow artists to look up, as the scientific intelligensia of the Sustainable Planning Department, and the rest of the so-called ‘sustainability’ cultists seem to be in complete denial of both the “hiatus” (no warming since 1998) and the very obvious unnatural, ugly, toxic tanker spraying that is happening almost every day around here.
    Most artists I know are dirt poor, so they have nothing at all to lose by studying the sky every day, and making new art of the strangeness before us all.
    Artists are not like the sold-out Establishment ‘warmist’ scientists who peddle this junk science.
    I have great hope that awakened artists will take up the torch of ordered liberty, and question the decadent status quo of the anti-human eugenicist scientific Globalist New World Order.
    Most artists are spiritual, as opposed to the scientists who are 90% atheist.
    Their atheism makes them very dangerous and irresponsible.
    I must say though, that in the last four days or so, I have only seen one contrail, flying in a northwesterly direction, over the Strait of Juan de Fuca, toward the Sooke hills, and that was not a persistent one, but rather a regular one that dissipated quite quickly.
    The very fact that we appear to have had virtually no air traffic at all in the last four days gives the lie to those who maintain that the ugly criss-cross patterns we see being made by these sky defacers are somehow normal contrails of scheduled commercial flights… most of them obviously are not…
    Thanks for all you work against geo-engineering, Troy Lessard.
    God bless you and your famiy…
    +++ Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell
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DAVID SHEBIB FOR MAYOR OF VICTORIA 2014: Arrest, charge, try, convict Fortin for corruption… Quit after 40 days…

Published November 15, 2014 by goyodelarosa



“There is nothing safe about ‘safe injection sites’ … ‘they are hell holes of despair…'” said David Shebib on Facebook.

In memory of my dear brother Jerome Henry Hartnell, who died at age 18 from a morphine and alcohol overdose, I express my gratitude to David Shebib.

Although I disagree with almost everything else that he advocates, I hereby endorse David Shebib for Mayor of Victoria only, but certainly not of the whole CRD, as that might actually encourage him to become a bio-regionalist dictator, and we don’t really want that, do we, Geoff Young?

Victoria is crazy enough as it is under Dino Pinocchio Fortino. I don’t see how David Shebib could make it any worse for 40 days or so, after which he plans to quit anyway, in the unlikely event that he should win.

That 40 day period of investigation, centred on demonstrating the tyranny of the Masonic English Protestant Queen and her so-called ‘Crown’ Globalist powers over us, would be just enough time to investigate, try, convict and imprison current NDP Globalist Mayor of Victoria Dean Fortin for crimes of corruption with Mayor Fang Fang and his other creepy buddies in Communist China against the long-suffering, chemtrailed, overtaxed and underemployed citizens, taxpayers, and the almost completely alienated skeptical majority of eligible voters of Victoria.

Those that don’t vote are in the majority, and the decadent status quo Globalist Establishment at Victoria City Hall should stop this pretence that what they are doing to us is Democracy, as clearly, the Silent Majority is always prudent, right and wise, and basically, they know there has got to be a better way than Dino’s.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

District of Oak Bay: Shebib, David — Mayor candidate