LA ROSA: Goyo de la Rosa’s Antiglobalist Political Arts Propaganda Revue

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell maintains LA ROSA as the ether-based version of LA ROSA REVUE, an occasional paper publication which I edit and publish under my nom d’artiste ‘Goyo de la Rosa.’

These days LA ROSA is primarily comprised of a transcription of a fascinating old hard cover history book lent to me by my cousin Peggy Ruggles (nee Hartnell)  on the life of William Hartnell, who we revere as our distinguished Anglo-Californian ancestor.

There are occasional other items found here also, including art criticism of expositions in Victoria, poems, and other arts-related curiosities.

I am also maintaining a weblog for the Concerned Citizens Coalition which is found at:

The Concerned Citizens’ Coalition (CCC) is the political arm of the Concerned Citizens, which grew out of the Greater Victoria Concerned Citizens’ Association (GVCCA), the legal arm.

The GVCCA was founded in 1989 with the express purpose of launching public interest lawsuits.  We worked in concert with the Saint Anne’s Rescue Community Coalition for many years to save Saint Anne’s Academy in Victoria from a privitization scheme.

Other public interest lawsuits followed, most significantly an attempt to stop the City from borrowing $30,000,000 to build a new arena.

The CCC is the political arm of the Concerned Citizens in Victoria, and has supported candidates, including the author Gregory Hartnell (‘Goyo de la Rosa’), to run for municipal office in the past.

We are eagerly anticipating the upcoming election this fall of 2008.

5 comments on “LA ROSA: Goyo de la Rosa’s Antiglobalist Political Arts Propaganda Revue

  • A new weblog maintained by Gregory Hartnell where readers can find information about the Concerned Citizens’ Coalition, the Greater Victoria Concerned Citizens’ Association, Gregory Hartnell and my alias ‘Goyo de la Rosa.’ There are also links to other websites that I frequent or that may be of interest to other Concerned Citizens.

  • Goyo:
    Trying to make my way ’round your blog in the last few days: v. interesting. Is there a list of the books you have either reviewed or written abstracts or comments about … ? Also, have you listed your library somewhere up here? Hope to connect with you soon.
    Peace, Marnie

  • Dear Mr. Hartnell:
    Does La Rosa welcome fiction submissions? I write close-to-fact historical fiction about the San Fernando Valley and I have a story about the mission’s secularization that ‘fits’ right into your work on Don Guillermo. Please let me know if you are interested and thank you for your time and consideration.
    Kyle Petersen

  • Many years ago, you wrote a wonderful article in a your arts publication about a special, multi cultural, multi media art project and exhibition my husband ( Chris Johnston, aka IceBear) organized. It was called ‘the Flint Project’. IceBear (Chris) will be opening his first exhibition in Gallery at the Mac,: Art Show : Manitouwabi by IceBear
    Location: Gallery at the Mac, Government Street and Johnson, Victoria
    Exhibition dates: April 4th until June 1st,  
    Opening reception will take place from 7-9pm on April 4th. 
    Normal viewing times: Patrons are able to view the art during performances or between the doors of the theatre closing for the first act and intermission if they are not attending the show. 
    Otherwise, the Gallery is viewable by appointment 8:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday by calling the office at 250-361-0800.

    Since you last wrote about IceBear, he has shown all over the US, and in Europe, we hope you can stop in to see the opening, and see the amazing work he is creating now.

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