DECONSTRUCTING LARRY WARTEL ON AGENDA 21: ‘Expressing ideas similar to anti-Semitic preacher?’ Submission to Council Secretary, City of Victoria, August 28, 2013 … LA ROSA EXCLUSIVE Edited by ‘Goyo de la Rosa’

Published September 4, 2013 by goyodelarosa

The following is a deconstruction of the misleading written submission made by Mr. Wartel to Victoria City Council with editorial notes by Gregory Hartnell to explicate Mr. Wartel’s typewriting technique, which is apparently designed to confuse the reader and/or listener by not properly identifying sources, juxtaposing foreign incendiary bigoted quotes by writers unknown to me with my own writing, and cramming sentences together without indentation or spacing.

I open the submission up with spacing, to allow for my editorial remarks, and to facilitate readers’ comprehension.

My original writing quoted in the text and editorial remarks are in italics.

– Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, LA ROSA Editor



Photo: Ryan Elson @


Janet Hawkins [City of Vic employee?]


From: [Blacked out]

Sent: Wednesday, Aug 28, 2013 12:59 AM

To: Council Secretary

Subject: Thank you for your submission – City of Victoria – Address Council Form

Attachments: Agenda21.pdf

Name: Larry Wartels [Incorrect surname]                   Date: August  28, 2013               LATE ITEM COUNCIL

AUG 29 2013   ITEM # G5

Address: 1035 Pendergast St [Incomplete address]

I wish to appear at the following Council meeting: August 29, 2013

I represent: Social Environmental Alliance member,

Topic:             Expressing ideas similar to anti-Semitic preacher?

Action you wish Council to take:

If Mayor and Council could just please express that the United Nations Agenda 21 document attached has positive or at least benign human rights goals, and is the least concerned with a supposed “New World Order Global Eugenics Genocidal Chemtrails Geo-Engineering Agenda” or “International Jewish Communist Conspiracy,” as some fear-mongering people are suggesting. [1.]

[1. “New World Order Global Eugenics Genocidal Chemtrails Geo-Engineering Agenda” or “International Jewish Communist Conspiracy,”… These keywords are first found at my LA ROSA blog after the night of the meeting, in an initial report I did on the meeting, and are not my words. I was quoting Mr. Wartel from this submission, and never have used them in this particular order or grouping before writing that report.]

(The attached UN document is long–no need to print it out.) [2.]

[2.] Mr. Wartel apparently provides Victoria City Council with a pdf attachment of Agenda21, as indicated at the top of the page, but he obviously doesn’t really want them to print it out because he really doesn’t want them to read it.]

Quoted from President Jimmy Carter’s human rights lawyer friend Morris Dees’ organization’s website: “But there is no question that dark tales of Jewish conspiracies have inspired hate and violence for more than a century.

“[Rev.] Wickstrom, perhaps the most extreme ideologue linking Jews to Agenda 21, said in 2004 that he wanted to see Jews tied up, beaten to death with baseball bats and thrown into wood chippers.

“His views are crystal clear, as are his warnings about what the U.N. sustainability agreement portends.

“‘Agenda 21 is very evil,’ Wickstrom said in his online video.

“‘It’s extremely evil because it comes from the dark side.

“‘You see, the light side is Yahweh the Christ, which is truth, always truth.

“‘Then you have the dark side, which is Jewish international communism.’

“A few minutes later in his diatribe, Wickstrom doubled down:

“‘Lenin was a Jew.

“‘Stalin had Jew blood.

“‘All of them were Jews!

“‘And these are the same kind of Jews that are now screaming in your U.S. Senate and Congress to disarm the American people.'”

From “Agenda 21 and the Jews,” [3.]

[3. Mr. Wartel quotes an article from the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center which refers to a ‘[Rev.] Wickstrom’, a person with whom I am completely unfamiliar, as I indicated in an email to his query on the subject of ‘what do I think about him’, to which I replied ‘who?’ as republished here at LA ROSA in another posting this evening. That query about Wickstrom was sent on August 19, a full ten days before the City Council meeting.]

From a website posting material from a Victoria resident about chemtrails, geo-engineering and Agenda 21: “CITY OF VICTORIA ‘SUSTAINABLE STORMWATER UTILITY’ FUNDING PROPAGANDA: New Orwellian UNjust Agenda 21 utility taxes will force residential taxpayers to leave Victoria”–utility-funding-propaganda-new-orwellian-unjust-agenda-21-utility-taxes–will-force-residential-taxpayers-to-leave-victoria/ [4.]

[4] This is my title for an article at LA ROSA: .

“The Globalist eugenicists are infiltrating the environmental movement on Vancouver Island, and public money is being wasted on CBC pushing this anit-human Agenda 21 nonsense.”–film-on-overpopulation/

“UN ‘Local’ Agenda 21 is a completely tryannical Globalist plan to reduce the planet’s population radically (90%), to sequester 50% of North America into the so-called ‘Wildlands Project’, to remove people completely from those rural forest and range lands, to deindustrialize and depopulate the suburbs, to create ‘buffer zones’ in former suburban areas between the ‘Wildlands’ and the urban centres, to densify urban centres into ‘stack and pack towers, and to inventory and control all of the planet’s resources and all human activity affecting the planet’s environment, from cradle to grave.”

“HARTNELL TO VIC COUNCIL ON CHEMTRAILS: AUGUST 29 2013 FULL TEXT: Council should support Premier Bill Vander Zalm’s two important FOI motions”

Rev. Wickstrom On YouTube: “Agenda 21 Communism”

“Jews and Blacks are the problem”  [5.]

[5] The last two articles cited by Mr. Wartel have nothing at all to do with my articles quoted above.

 I have never read them, have never seen any videos by or about this man Wickstrom, and I categorically deny any and all imagined connections of myself with him, whether from Mr. Wartel or any other dubious source.

This whole sad exercise undertaken at Victoria City Hall on the night of August 29, 2013 was clearly a poorly crafted attempt to defame or slander me, and I regret that I cannot in good conscience call Mr. Wartel a friend anymore, as I see his speech to Council as extremely aggressive, misleading in its horrible implications, legally problematic, and certainly unfriendly.

Therefor, I hereby warn Mr. Wartel to cease and desist from any such further attempts at defamation or slander of my person or name from this day on.

With the Power of the Holy Spirit, I can forgive my former friend, but I don’t intend to forget.


Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, LA ROSA Editor



Photo above: Ryan Elson @



One comment on “DECONSTRUCTING LARRY WARTEL ON AGENDA 21: ‘Expressing ideas similar to anti-Semitic preacher?’ Submission to Council Secretary, City of Victoria, August 28, 2013 … LA ROSA EXCLUSIVE Edited by ‘Goyo de la Rosa’

  • To Ryan Elson, blogger and photographer:

    Thanks for the article and photos, Ryan.

    I tried to send the following to your website as a comment to the above article, but was unsuccessful for some reason, so I redirect it to you this way…

    I took the liberty to use your two photos of the Wartel submission to the Council Secretary in my deconstruction of what Mr. Wartel did in his difficult-to-read document.

    It is curious that he wrote to the Council Secretary, and not directly to the Mayor and Victoria City Councillors, thus enabling them to have an excuse to say that they had no advance warning, if the bureaucrat didn’t forward it to them.

    A careful reading of the Wartel submission reveals that it was a hit job on my person and all those who oppose UN Agenda 21 for well-founded reasons, and certainly so-called ‘anti-semitism’ has never been any kind of proper reason to oppose Globalist tyranny as far as this free man is concerned.

    We really don’t know if the Mayor had any advance arrangement with Mr. Wartel to orchestrate this charade, although I note for the record that they both use the word ‘opportunity’ to describe what they did.

    My wife thinks it would be going too far to suggest that the ‘chairman’ of the meeting (Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin) colluded with Mr. Wartel to actually allow the slander to take place in the context of a public meeting of the Victoria City Council.

    But we do know that in fact, whether they had any prior arrangement or not, the end result was that the chairman just sat there and let Mr. Wartel read his mischief for more than 4 1/2 minutes without any interruption.

    I think the mayor interrupting him with a little plea at the beginning of Mr. Wartel’s monotone speech was done to cover himself legally, but that it was insincere, as Mayor Fortin then effectively allowed the damage to be done.

    I was framed right from the beginning by Mr. Wartel with the Southern Poverty Law Center quote on someone named Wickstrom, and then he did it again with the two other highly alarming and misleading titles and URLs placed at the end… everything else in the middle of the submission was taken from my own website:

    LA ROSA:

    As you correctly mentioned to me personally on the night of the meeting at Vic City Hall, you found nothing in my writing that was anti-semitic.

    You found nothing of the sort there because I am not ‘anti-semitic’, although I certainly have very grave reservations about Communism, Fascism, Globalism and Zionism, recognizing them as essentially interchangeable atheistic tyrannical philosophies and therefor very dangerous to human happiness, health, peace and prosperity.

    For the record, I have forgiven Mr. Wartel his foolishness and indiscretion, but I warn him quite clearly to cease and desist.

    We retain Barclay Johnson as legal counsel.

    Mr. Johnson is the former business associate of the late great ‘battling barrister’ Douglas Christie (may he rest in peace).

    Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell
    (Alias: ‘Goyo de la Rosa’)
    LA ROSA Editor


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