David Suzuki endorses Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps, while Hollywood composer David Foster endorses ‘lobbyist’ Mike Geoghagen… Victoria Times Colonist article by Bill Cleverley, page A6

Published October 18, 2018 by goyodelarosa


An endorsement from notorious climate alarmist exaggerator Dr. David Suzuki ‘at this critically important time for our planet,’ is not going to help cornered Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps now.

She’ll have a difficult time ‘navigating and pivoting as needed’ out of her lies, as chronicled by Adam Sterling at CFAX News 1070 AM Radio.

Nor will David Foster’s Hollywood lustre help Mike the self-described  ‘lobbyist’.

Are some Vancouver Island scientists deliberately hiding the cause of summer drought 2018?… As yet unpublished letter to TC editor, from Gregory PM Hartnell

Published September 20, 2018 by goyodelarosa
Letters to the Editor
Re: “Summer drought deals ‘devastating loss’ to western red cedar, B.C.’s official tree” Sept. 12; “Logging a bigger threat than drought,” letter, Sept. 13.
  This front page article is nothing more than fake news based on junk science, and the comment letter from a Yukon writer is not much better.
  Parksville municipal staff say that ‘summer droughts over the past few years put severe stress on most of the trees in our urban forests, with cedars the most susceptible.’
  No scientific information is provided to explain what is causing the drought: ‘at this time, cedar trees look quite ugly as the dead brown scale-like leaves hang on the trees, leaving the silver ghosts to populate our forests.’
  ‘Silver ghosts’?
  City of Nanaimo urban forestry co-ordinator Patrick McIntosh says the impact of dry weather has been ‘especially noticeable in western red cedar,’ which is ‘slowly, slowy dying out… it is sort of migrating north because they can’t handle the hot, dry summers here any more.’
   ‘Sort of migrating north?’
  In Victoria, a research scientist at the Pacific Forestry Centre, Cosmin Filipescu, says: ‘I think it is too early to tell’ whether
to be concerned about the future of the wetern red cedar.’
  ‘Too early to tell?’
  Scientists will have to do better than this, as longstanding obvious aerosol geo-engineering over the skies of the Capital Regional District might provide more plausible evidence of why many species of trees are dying on Vancouver Island.
Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

‘Reconciliation is complex and so we will make mistakes as we navigate and try to walk this road together,’ says Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps in an op ed published in Victoria’s Times Colonist, ‘Reconciliation is a learning process for us all,’ Wed., August 29, 2018

Published August 29, 2018 by goyodelarosa

This is curious language and one is left to wonder what the Victoria Mayor meant in speaking of reconciliation as ‘complex… a learning process for all,’ needing to be navigated.



Yet again…

About a week ago, I checked out a curious book that I found in the Cook Street Village Little Free Library.

‘Navigating Complexity,’ was the title of this paperback written by Arthur Battram, and published by the Industrial Society in 1999.

Subhead: ‘The Essential Guide to Complexity Theory in Business and Management.’

There is a stylized colour illustration of the Globe, surrounded by flying computers, about to roll down into the Edge of Chaos.

This is a treasure trove of Globalist chaotic complex management lingo, which inadvertently shows clearly that the ‘new economy’ is based on a number of false old Malthusian philosophies and suspect new Globalist pseudo sciences, such as:


This Battram paperback book is underlined as a student would have done, different coloured ink for each reading, sometimes only orange, sometimes only yellow, sometimes both.

I’ve never seen anything like it and somehow I think that the circumstances of my having found this book are nothing short of miraculous, as I certainly don’t believe in chaos theory nor luck.

After I read the whole darned thing, I will likely give it to the most reasonable Victoria Mayoral candidate, in the hopes that it might prove somehow to have been Mayor Helps’ own copy and that by analyzing the markings in this weird book, we may better figure out what makes our Globalist Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps tick the way she does…

Working on that conspiratorial premise, I also wonder why the book was left in that particular free library?

I tend to agree with Ray Davies of the Kinks, that it is crazy to not be paranoid these days.

Ray said something like that in the 60s… I am almost 66 now.

By the way, the beautiful little library box is to be found near the Prima Strada pizzeria, across Cook from Oxford Foods.

I drop off some of my embarrassing old Globalist propaganda there from time to time…and pick up the latest copies of The Epoch Times and the New Agora from other boxes nearby.

  • Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell
  • Former Victoria Mayoral candidate