“CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE WHAT WE HAVE IN OUR RUSH TO MAKE IT ‘BETTER.'” So says View Royal Mayor David Screech in letter against ‘some sort of magical panacea’ of amalgamation to Editor of Victoria Times Colonist , Sunday, May 13, 2018.

Published May 13, 2018 by goyodelarosa


What sort of “transformation” does the chamber of commerce envision for our region? While there are always areas that we can improve, I am certainly not convinced that “transformation” is either desirable or advisable.

Many, such as the local chamber, seem to believe that amalgamation is some sort of magical panacea for our area.

There is much evidence to the contrary, and I encourage all to do some research on the subject as we move toward a possible citizens’ assembly.

Those of us who live on southern Vancouver Island are truly blessed. Let us be careful not to damage what we have in our rush to make it “better.”


David Screech

Mayor of View Royal